Umarith Khomed

Pale-skinned Teshi, who knows about the Living Key


At a glance, Khomed appears to be very sickly. His skin is a pallid white, dark circles ring his pitch-black eyes, and his head is completely hairless. This is in addition to the myriad bruises and broken digits he’s acquired in the company of the Gilded Mask, the Red Caps, and Leucimor.

Colin’s sources tell you Khomed is a Teshi spy. In truth, he bares little resemblance to the bronze-skinned warriors, in appearance or behavior. When probed, he did admit to being from the Western continent- first claiming to be a religious refugee, then confessing that he and a small band of his people were on a mission to recover the Living Key which had been stolen from them. He suspects the key has been moved to the Sanguine Isles, and that his people have left him behind in their pursuit of it.

Khomed was last seen in the custody of the Red Caps.

Umarith Khomed

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