Ruthless Drow exile.


Little has been revealed about Traxex to his fellow companions as of yet, due partially to a misunderstanding of certain drow customs combined with his individual personality. What can be gathered is that Traxex is not use to being in the company of others, especially those who dwell on the surface. As a result, he converses rarely, preferring simple gestures and short answers when possible. At times, one is able to catch glimpse of heavy chains at Traxex’s side that appear to be attached to two swords of length longer than his typical rogue daggers; however, no one has been able to discover a reason for such a encumbrance.

From what can be observed, Traxex prefers to end battle quickly and move towards more pressing dangers rather than fight in a prolonged noble manner. Moreover, he has shown great disdain for political manners and social hierarchies, choosing to not involve himself with those who get caught up in such mundane matters. His cloak carries emblems similar to those related to the Raven Queen.

For someone lacking social skills he isn’t bothered by Luecimor’s consistent reference to his dead sibling and in fact appears to listen to them rather than disregard them.

Traxex was born into a high ranking family in Drow society. His mother, as matriarch of his family, possessed great influence in Drow society until she was assassinated by the collaborating efforts between forces within her own family and strong political rivals. After witnessing the burnt remains of his mother and sister, Traxex was manipulated by his family to use his swordsmanship skills to advance their agendas. Scarred by his loss, Traxex merciless assassinated those whom he was commanded to kill in an attempt to avenge his mother. His reputation grew as slayer whose name struck fear into his opponents, an assassin with no weakness. However, fearing Traxex as a potential threat to their power, forces within Traxex’s family revealed his identity to another noble Drow family in exchange for position and territory. Using this information, they ordered Traxex into a trap in which he discovered his sister’s death was faked as a means of eliminating her ability to claim leadership over the family. Living in a marriage of convenience to his target, they hoped she would weaken Traxex’s resolve, allowing his prey to defeat him. Traxex, his mind in chaos, attempted to simultaneously slay his foe in with a simultaneous blow; however, Traxex’s sister intervened, taking both men’s blows and saving Traxex’s life. On that day, Traxex left Drow society, his assassin blades sealed in chains, vowing to one day return and destroy current Drow Society, which made similar events to his mundane and common. He traveled the overworld as a rogue, vowing to help those in need as redemption for his sins. Carrying the great weight of his bloodstained and bound swords, he now joins with them for as long as their interests intersect.


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