Eladrin Swordmage, wandering the Prime World to increase his power and skill


If Blade Master Relyr had known that in a decade I would be wandering the Middle Plane in the company of a drow, I suspect he would have dispensed with formal dismissal and simply kicked me from the courtyard to the Crafters’ Quarter. If I had known, I might have thanked him for it.

[Note: this is by no means a full background. Information gets parceled out here as Aelius sees fit to fill his companions in.] A shielding swordmage only a few years removed from training in a small, allegedly unremarkable city of the Feywild. He speaks grammatically flawless, but somewhat stiff Common, and usually confines himself to a few sentences. He seems comfortable and more loquacious when using Elven, though hardly less condescending.

Aelius arrived on this plane fairly recently, and, apparently, against his will. Eladrin society is notorious for its intricate politics, and Aelius is hardly glib-tongued or diplomatic, even by non-fey standards. His abrupt departure from his home may have been a matter of political convenience, though eladrin cities also exile their members as a punishment for suitably severe crimes. Exiles are effectively dead to their city and their house, and thus have no standing in society even in other cities. Aelius arrived at the end of the war and spent the past year or two guarding convoys and the occasional noble. The work did little to improve his skills or his opinion of humans, and he eventually drifted into Kemper hoping to find a greater challenge and possibly adventurers to accompany. The (mis)adventure with Torinn’s bandits convinced him that he needs to improve his skills, and that having companions with other specialties would be greatly useful when doing so. After the party was forced to rely on outside help to summon a slaad, he’s developed an interest in ritual magic.

His discipline of sword magic inevitably puts him in the thick of a fight, and he uses his art to facilitate this by drawing attention and combatants to himself while protecting himself against the worst of it. Aelius is currently focused on improving his arcane abilities in general, both for pragmatic reasons and as an extension of his devotion to the ideal embodied by Corellon Larethian. He’s alluded to larger goals, but seems currently unable to realize them.

Powers, Quirks, and Annoying Habits

Hei-Corellon shar-shelevu…

Aegis of Shielding: Aelius points his blade at an enemy and draws a sigil in the air with the tip. The magically gifted briefly notice a corresponding sigil on the opponent’s weapon (or weapon-equivalent). Somehow, this gives him the ability to blunt the edge of attacks even as they hit.

Warding: A distinguishing feature of swordmages is their warding, essentially magical armor that they have learned to conjure almost unconsciously. Aelius has gained the ability to lend some of his warding to allies and to transform it into a burst of magical frost.

Aelius arrived on this plane with almost nothing. His gear is a mix of contributions from former employers, tied together with a few items clearly from the Feywild. He favors deep green and gray in his clothing.

As the party discovered during their encounter with Sinruth, he takes offense at being called an elf. Subsequent events have also revealed that he is also offended by being expected to help Traxex, other party members forgetting that he is in fact a trained user of magic, being labeled a mercenary, mockery of his interest in lore, the idea of working for a thieves’ guild, suggestions that they betray employers for profit, and indeed most of Traxex’s plans. His relationship with Traxex has shifted from open distrust to wary regard, despite a recent argument that ended with him being dropped from a roof. He tends to ignore Leucimor, to the point of speaking to Traxex in Elven most of the time, a habit which has raised the tiefling’s ire.


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